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How to achieve Machu Picchu’s perfect picture?

Reading : 2 min May 22 2017

How to achieve the perfect picture?

We got 5 tips that will ensure you the best pictures on your trip to Machu Picchu


Getting more than one amazing picture during your trip to Machu Picchu is the number one goal of most travelers visiting Perú. But sometimes, it’s impossible to take the picture we have being dreaming about. It could be that there´s a lot of people on our frame, we don’t find the right angle or just simply, we don’t know how to start. For that and many other reasons we present to you 5 tips to take an amazing picture in Machu Picchu.

What we’ll need?

First of all, ¡inspire your creative side! Bring out your adventurous spirit and look for that magical spot that will bring out the best of you

The essentials:

–          Compact camera (Consumer cameras)

–          DSLR Cameras

–          Action Cameras (Gopro)

–          Extra batteries or powerbanks

–          SD Cards or a lot of space in your cellphone

Tip #1 Be patient

Recent digital trends are about taking a lot of pictures in sequence mode and then choose the “best one”. But in that way, you are only gonna get a lot of bad quality pictures. It’s important to take your time to get the best frame and the right focus to achieve the perfect picture.

Tip #2 Be flexible

The weather conditions won’t be always the best for taking pictures, especially in twilights and sunsets where the colours and lights change quicker. You have to be flexible with that and adapt your camera to those changes in light. Some important aspect to pay attention is that when the light isn’t constant you should move your camera a little bit to take different angles of the same spot.

Tip #3 Know your camera / cellphone

Knowing your equipment is the optimum way for getting the best results in no time. You’ll have to know how to control the aperture of the iris or the exposure time. There’s a lot of theory about these topics, but practicing is the best way of getting full control of your camera. Always pay attention to focus, depth of field and exposure.


Tip #4 Look for simplicity in your composition

¡Keep it simple! Don’t try to copy others, be yourself and look for simplicity. This is the best way for taking that amazing picture you are looking for. The landscapes must be “simple”, respect the horizon line and look for closed frames.


Tip #5 Don’t give up

Taking good pictures isn’t easy, because there’s are a lot of things you need to have in mind while shooting, but you should always remember ¡It isn’t impossible!. If you keep shooting and learning from your mistakes, you will eventually be good on it. Create a new history with every picture you take and don’t let those moments to disappear. Always enjoy the your time and be open to your next adventure.


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