Discover with us why Cusco is an unbeatable tourist destination

Reading : 7 min September 26 2022

Peru is full of traveling opportunities and tourism destinations, full of  places where its history is told and people willing to share their traditions, customs and all they know about their wonderful  culture. This September 27th we celebrate along with the World Tourism Organization,  The World Tourism Day  and Peru offers a great deal of possibilities to do it, such as the famous Cusco, with its mountains, archaeological sites, museums, gastronomy and its wonderful people. 

Perú has won three important prices on the  World Travel Awards this year: Leading Culinary Southamerican Destination, Leading Cultural Southamerican Destination, and Machu Picchu Leading Tourist Attraction. Cusco is celebrating and wants to share with you everything that makes it the best tourist destination of Southamerica.

Take a ride with us through the Imperial City so you know what it has to offer to the travelers from all around the world. Celebrate Peru's World Tourism Day from the impressive Citadel of Machu Picchu, the Sacred Valley or any of the incredible destinations that the land of the Inca holds among its mountains.

Traveling, so much more than just entertainment

Día del Mundial del Turismo

When you travel and visit cities, towns or small communities, you are not only getting to know a tourist destination, and taking beautiful pictures to show in your social networks, you are interacting with the local people, you are creating relationships with them and promoting the development of the different social groups that  you connect with. Tourism is a resource that sustains the conservation of the heritage of the people, offers knowledge and is a very  important economic factor for the development of the communities. Tourism has a great impact on the lives of the people where the attractions or destinations visited are located, therefore it is a mutually beneficial activity, since the traveler learns about local traditions, enjoys the landscapes, rests or ventures on great journeys that puts their physical condition to the test, while the local inhabitants of each community improve the economy of their families, renew public spaces to receive travelers, increase the infrastructure of the city and the quality of their schools, at the same time that the community and the travelers are enriched by the cultural exchange.

What does World Tourism Day stands for?

On September 27th 1980, the first World Tourism Day was celebrated and it was organized by the UNWTO (World Tourism Organization). This event seeks to improve and enhance the resources and tourism activity of the countries while searching for a sustainable economy at the same time that preserving the cultural heritage of humanity. Until 1997, all activities, seminars and lectures took place in Spain, but from that year on, the participating countries were rotating to host this important event. In 2008, Peru hosted this event whose main theme was climate change related to tourism.

Cusco a unlimited resource tourist destination

Día del Mundial del Turismo

Cusco is worldwide known mainly for the impressive Citadel of Machu Picchu. You will hear a lot that the Imperial City is a place you have to visit, but did you ever think about why you must travel to Cusco? Well, it is very simple, it is an unforgettable experience that offers all kinds of tourism, starting with an experiential trip with the intention of connecting with those who inhabit the communities and villages, or a luxurious trip with comfortable  experiences where you can also know the soul and essence of the people of Cusco.

This beautiful city maintains their traditions until today, the same ones the ancient inhabitants of the Tahuantinsuyo Empire practiced for centuries during its days of glory. Cusco is also a mixture of colonial customs and the fusion of both worlds that to this day coexist harmoniously, giving the city its special identity that makes every visitor fall in love with Cusco and its magical charms.

What to do once in Cusco?

Día del Mundial del Turismo

There is so much to do in Cusco that it is impossible to make a list of every option. It is always a good idea to take a tour around the city and learn about the beautiful  PLaza de Armas, San Pedro Market, the Regional Historical Museum of Cusco, the Cathedral and other churches nearby the Plaza or the colorful neighborhood of San Blas. You can easily visit archaeological sites such as Sacsayhuaman Fortress, Tambomachay, Puca Pucara, Qenqo,  Qoricancha Temple or The White Christ, and do it with no complication due their location near the historic center of the city.

Of course the Sacred Valley awaits you with its bright light and the sounds of the mighty Vilcanota River. You can scroll among the beautiful towns of Pisac, Urubamba, Calca and Ollantaytambo, its markets, its archaeological remains and get to know the friendly, warm and honest smiling local people.

Explore our City Tour and Sacred Valley tourist package,  choose the perfect moment for you and get to know the city and the Valley in the most  safe way possible.

Día del Mundial del Turismo

If adventure is what you are looking for, The Rainbow Mountain or The Humantay Lake are experiences full of beautiful landscapes, challenging hikes, and peace and quiet to reconnect  with yourself. But if you want to disconnect from the sound, lights and rhythm of the city for a few days while you walk along the paths that the Incas followed through the Empire, The Inca Trail  is one of the most fantastic and satisfying experiences you can have in Cusco. 

Five days of difficult  trekking , steep slopes, bird watching and local fauna everywhere, and four nights camping under the stars of the clear andean sky, are the perfect preamble to enter at the Citadel of Machu Picchu. Your courage and strength will have been worth every minute of the journey by the beauty of the place.

Maras Salt Mines and the Botanical Laboratory of Moray, are destinations that you must include in your trip to Cusco where you can learn a little more about the customs and ancestral techniques related to food production during the time of the Incas. They were a highly organized empire, where they explored the sustained production of food to ensure the welfare of their people. Moray is a clear example of the knowledge about agriculture that was achieved in Cusco. The salt mines still produce the famous pink salt of Maras with the same ancestral techniques used by the local men and women.

Our train services

Día del Mundial del Turismo

Whenever you decide to visit Machu Picchu, you can choose the train that best suits your taste and needs and enjoy the perfect trip.

Let yourself be delighted by the journey while resting on the comfortable seats of each of our trains, from which you can appreciate the scenery through the panoramic windows  that allow you to have a spectacular view of the Sacred Valley from every angle. Our train services offer unique experiences such as the outdoor observatory wagon of our The 360° Machu Picchu Train or the observatory car with outdoor balcony of our The Voyager Premium & Lounge Machu Picchu Train, from where you can breathe the clean air of the Peruvian highlands, while traveling comfortably and safely, as our biosecurity protocols guarantee sanitized trains free of viruses and diseases.

Día del Mundial del Turismo

Explore all the benefits of The 360° Machu Picchu Train from where you will have a panoramic view of the best trip of your life, specially if you are looking for that magical bond with nature, on board the only train in Peru with an entertainment system included and USB ports to charge your mobile devices.

Día del Mundial del Turismo

If comfort is your thing and you have a preference for cozy spaces, The Voyager Premium & Lounge is the train for you. Travel on a comfortable and safe wagon, and have an exotic drink made from local fruits and herbs, while you see the scenery with a clarity you didn’t imagine possible. 

Visit Inca Rail, compare our trains and decide how and when you want to travel.

The Magic on board

Día del Mundial del Turismo

We invite you to be part of the Magic on Board our trains, where you will witness a love story told by the main characters of the Ollantay legend.

At Inca Rail we have designed an unforgettable experience for you. A beautifully conceived staging of the play Ollantay, the story of forbidden love between Ollanta the mighty warrior and Cusi Coyllur, the princess daughter of the Inca Pachacutec. A story that begins in our Waiting Room at the train station and will accompany you all the way to Machu Picchu, on board our trains. 

Ollantay, the magic of a forbidden love during Inca times

Machu Picchu, beauty everywhere

Día del Mundial del Turismo

This dazzling Citadel was discovered in 1911 by Professor Hiram Bingham, while searching for Vilcabamba, the lost city of the Incas.

Machu Picchu was a ceremonial and resting center for the Inca, his family and the elite of the Empire, composed of many buildings including temples, resting places, warehouses and armories. The Citadel is surrounded by vegetation and offers a wonderful view of the landscape and today is protected by the colorful town of Machu Picchu. Once there, you can a walk to the Butterfly Farm, the Mandor Waterfalls, the Thermal Baths or if you feel like it, climb Putucusi Mountain, a hill of difficult access and impressive beauty from which you will have a privileged view of the Machu Picchu and Huayna Picchu mountains.

Explore every option and choose whether you want to visit the magnificent Citadel in the morning or in the afternoon, entering Morning in Machu Picchu or Sunset at Machu Picchu, both experiences are full of magic, mysticism and the enigmatic energy of ancient Peru.

But Cusco has so much more to offer to travelers. By entering The Full Experience you will find out all there is to know about our tour packages. Choose the experiences you want to live and let us take care of the details.

Cusco, a gastronomic destination

Día del Mundial del Turismo

Cusco is not only beautiful archaeological remains and ruins, ancient history, churches or museums, Cusco is rhythm, color and lots of flavor, and although any time is the best time to visit Cusco, World Tourism Day is a great opportunity to discover the wonders that the Imperial City has to offer.

Some years ago, Peru had become a gastronomic destination with worldwide fame and it doesn't matter in which region of Peru you are, the ingredients are high quality everywhere and the imagination and creativity of the cooks and chefs has no limit.

Cebiche, Pachamanca, Huatia, Chiriuchu, Chicarrón, Tamales, are just some of the traditional flavors that you will find on your trip and each one has a story to tell and is part of the traditions of the people and local communities.

Día del Mundial del Turismo

Peruvian cuisine is characterized by the fusion of flavors and ancestral techniques that highlights the qualities of the delicious fruits that the soil produces. For Peruvians, eating is an experience that celebrates all senses. Our peppers and lemon, fruits and herbs, potatoes and other tubers, grains and the large list of food from the sea, makes gastronomy one more reason to visit Peru, and Cusco, of course, has all the flavors and types of establishments you can imagine, such as gourmet restaurants, traditional chicherías, home cooking, hundreds of typical food stalls in the San Pedro Market and amazing surprises in every corner of the city. No matter where you are in Cusco, good food will be a part of your trip.

We are excited to invite you to the Potato Wine and Native Potato Tasting so you can learn a little more about the potato and its native varieties, a very representative ingredient of the Andean culture. Taste Peruvian Cacao in the Chocolate Making Classes at the Choco Museum and learn how to prepare a delicious recipe in the Cooking Classes at Pachapapa Restaurant.

Be part of the Peruvian gastronomy and let yourself be amazed by all the flavors Cusco wants to share with you.

Why Cusco is a great tourist destination?

Día del Mundial del Turismo

Cusco gathers all the requirements for a complete travel experience. When you visit Cusco you can find history, adventure, fun, luxury, gastronomy and relaxation. It is a trip for all different types of travelers, as it offers relaxing walks at your own pace, very comfortable accommodations, cultural experiences, adventure, extreme hikes and a very fun nightlife in which you will not stop from start to finish. No matter what you are looking for, Cusco has it with no doubt whatsoever.

Día del Mundial del Turismo

Celebrate World’s Tourism Day in Cusco, traveling in our exclusive trains designed for your comfort, visiting markets, ruins and museums, knowing Machu Picchu and its surroundings, enjoying the best cuisine in the world and discovering the magic of Andean culture in each destination you decide to visit. Live the true Inca experience in an unforgettable journey through the largest empire in South America.

Cusco awaits you with open arms and we are ready to make this experience the best of your life.

Travel with no hassle, travel safe with Inca Rail.



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