Cusco Restaurants: An experience beyond flavors

Reading : 7 min December 22 2022

Cusco is well known around the world due its impressive architecture, history, customs and culture. The capital of the Inca Empire welcomes travelers from all over the world and generously shares its secrets, treasures and mysteries with each one of them.
Cusco has become a center of constant and permanent cultural exchange which enriches the experiences that the city offers to its visitors, turning them into memories that forever remain in their minds and hearts.
One of these amazing experiences is gastronomy, which in the Imperial city is constantly changing so it offers lots of options for the different tastes and preferences of those who visit Cusco. Join us on a gastronomic tour  for the 10 best restaurants in Cusco, where you will certainly enjoy an experience that will go beyond the flavors.

Restaurants in Cusco, flavors, bright colors and cozy places

Eating in Perú is definitely eating tasty food, from market stalls all around its territory to exclusive and fancy restaurants where the culinary experience exceeds the expectations of any customer. 

Restaurants in Cusco offer a variety of gastronomic proposals that explore and combine local ingredients, traditional techniques and typical dishes with new world gastronomic trends, flavors and colors that together are part of something more than just eating. The restaurants in Cusco offer a journey for the senses, which accompanied by the comfort of the establishments, the welcoming and friendly staff of each restaurant and the luxury that you will find in many of them, turn an evening out to eat into a truly unforgettable experience that you will want to repeat every day of your trip.

At Inca Rail we know you don't always have the time tod do everything and try every place, therefore we have made a ten best Cusco Restaurants list you have to try no matter what. Let's begin this tour together so you can have a delicious experience at the land of the Incas.

The best gastronomic experiences

El Albergue Restaurant, Pachamanca and andean distillery tasting

El Albergue is located in Ollantaytambo, just right there in the middle of the train station. It is part of a hotel with a lot of history and a family feeling that permeates every corner. In this beautiful restaurant you will be able to enjoy a Pachamanca, a traditional andean dish that has a very special cooking process, due it buried under the ground and heated with rocks.
Pachamanca includes broad beans, potatoes, local tubers, herbs, andean cheese and meat such as chicken, beef, mutton or the famous cuy. But the Pachamanca, besides being a super tasty dish, is a cultural experience that allows visitors to understand the bond of the Peruvian andean people with the earth and its generous gifts and go a little deeper in their traditions. After learning about Pachamanca and enjoying its delicious flavor, you can visit the family distillery, the same that owns the restaurant and the hotel. 
The family will show you how they make the delicious beverages and you will be able to taste incredible and surprising distillates such as the well-known Mata Cuy. 
This adventure will happen in the beautiful restaurant with comfortable and beautifully decorated spaces, where you will be treated as you deserve. 

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Rooftop Kitchen, flavors and fun in one place


Rooftop Kitchen offers an experience that goes way beyond tasting flavors. It's an invitation  to participate in the preparation of dishes with traditional Peruvian ingredients. In this restaurant, you will learn how to prepare a dish with quinoa and also a Pisco Sour, a refreshing emblematic Peruvian beverage. You will take the recipes with you so you can prepare it at home once you finish your beautiful trip through the land of the Inca. Rooftop Kitchen is located on top of a building, so the view of the city can only be compared to the amazing taste of its dishes and drinks. 

You will be learning in a modern, natural lightning, well designed personal working space kitchen where you will be very comfortable and work at your own peace. This flavor laboratory will make you feel as good as it can and you will forget that it's not your own kitchen back home. But this experience really begins with a visit to the San Pedro Market, just a few blocks away from the Plaza de Armas, where you will learn a little more about the ingredients of the local cuisine to complete this adventure.

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Pachapapa Restaurant, tradition and a great atmosphere

In the heart of the colorful neighborhood of San Blas, you will find Pachapapa Restaurant, a beautiful and cozy space, where the food is exquisite and the atmosphere is rustic but very comfortable and elegantly decorated. Pachapapa offers a wide variety of typical Peruvian dishes that can be enjoyed in a warm lounge or on a beautiful colonial-style patio that gives the restaurant a special something that makes it unique. 

At  Pachapapa the ingredients really matter. They use local products such as native potatoes, sweet potatoes or corn to accompany the aji de gallina, trout or the spectacular lomo saltado, while in the background an Andean harp plays to enhance the dining experience in one of the most traditional and cozy restaurants in Cusco,that has a clay oven, a very characteristic element of the local cuisine.

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We will pick you up from your hotel to take you for an enjoyable experience in a very special class where you will taste flavors that blend together in perfect harmony and to learn the secrets of Pachapapa Restaurant's cuisine to take them home with you.


a beautiful salon only a few steps away from the Cathedral, where the food is so delicious as the feeling of walking through their wide glass doors and taking off your jacket once you get inside the warm and cozy restaurant.

Incanto opened its doors in Cusco many years ago and its Italian-Peruvian fusion menu is more delicious every season. It has an option for every type of traveler, they serve artisan pizzas, elegant wines, meats so soft that they melt in your mouth, pasta, salads and vegetarian and vegan options. Incanto has an atmosphere that invites you in and its flavors will make you feel like you made the right decision when you walked in through the door. This cozy restaurant is located in Santa Catalina Angosta street, so close to the Plaza de Armas, that you can actually see it from the restaurant.

Inka Grill

The restaurant is perfectly located in the Portal de Panes, in front of the Plaza de Armas. Inka Grill is one of the first restaurants in Cusco with an elegant and gourmet style. Its menu is based on novoandina fusion and international cuisine, but it uses many local ingredients in a mixture of luxury flavors. Among its most popular ingredients are trout, alpaca, quinoa and andean cheese. The dishes tasted like sea, grill and tradition. The place is prepared to satisfy all palates and every taste of the most refined traveler.



A place with soul, is how the restaurant is described. Cicciolina has been designed to make whoever walks in through the door wants to stay and try everything. Cicciolina is an experience that involves aromas, colors and flavors along with the personalized and friendly attention of the staff and the spectacular dishes that combine sea, earth, mountain and jungle. A little bit of everything, accompanied by great wines create the delicious experience of eating out in a place where everything invites you to feel comfortable. There is also a lovely café with an open kitchen and a bakery that is always on the move, where you can have a delicious breakfast or a coffee at any time of the day.

Artistic details complement the experience for travelers who like to feel surrounded by beauty and a little bit spoiled anywhere in the world.



Chicha is more than just a restaurante, it's a declaration of love to the Peruvian culture and regional food. Among the best restaurants in Cusco, this tasty project led by Peruvian Chef Gaston Acurio, is a tribute to the traditional flavors and ancestral techniques of Peruvian food. Chicha offers three options for diners: a regional menu with seasonal flavors and ingredients, a Chef creative cuisine, in which innovative, risky and fun dishes are served and a tasting experience where eight of the best dishes  of the menu are selected to create a delicious adventure.

Chica seeks for a fair deal with the suppliers of its ingredients, recognizing the important work of the farmer and peasant of the nearby communities.

If you want to try the best of Cusco's restaurants, Chicha should be on your list, no questions asked.



Close to the Plaza de Armas, in a little street called Ataud, there's a place where the dishes look like paintings and the flavors take you to a picnic day in the woods. Organika is a natural and healthy restaurant  that grows its own vegetables and fruits in its own garden located in Urubamba, in the Sacred Valley of the Incas. Orgánika is dedicated to making those who eat its food feel good and happy, and if you have just arrived in Cusco, it is a great first dinner, as it is soft and light and your digestion will be much easier than if you eat something very heavy or greasy. Orgánica also blends delicate and delicious flavors in vegetarian and vegan versions.


This restaurant is a perfect example of nikkei cuisine. Its name comes from the Ají Limo, a type of chili used for ceviche and other dishes of Peruvian seafood. Limo has tiraditos (a type of ceviche without onions), ceviches and sushi, as well as other dishes based on rice and spices using local ingredients that makes it so special and unique.
Limo is located on the second floor of one of the  beautiful colonial houses on the streets in front of Plaza de Armas, so the view is a pleasure as great as the flavors offered in its menu. 

Greens Organic


If you are looking for healthy food  with incredible flavor, visit Greens Organic, a restaurant that seeks the welfare of its guests through a healthy and well-balanced meal.
Greens Organic offers a menu rich in vegetables grown in their own garden in the Sacred Valley, accompanied by traditional flavors such as trout and lots of typical fruits of the area.
It is located in a colonial house in Santa Catalina Ancha, very close to the Cathedral, half a block from the Plaza de Armas. At Greens Organic you can have a delicious, succulent and fresh breakfast, a lunch rich in vitamins, fiber and surprising flavors, or a light dinner with style and elegance.

Cusco has museums, bars, sanctuaries and amazing temples. It has art and culture but also has lots of surprising flavors, a high top gastronomy and pretty luxurious restaurants designed to satisfy all kinds of tastes, and they all have the same goal of making you feel comfortable and extra special. 

Visit every restaurant possible in the city, taste every dish, go for traditional and experimental, try different drinks and experience Cusco with all your senses.


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