Cheers! The Drinker’s guide in Cusco

Reading : 1 min May 9 2017

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when it comes to having a drink in Peru? The word Pisco must definitely be your first thought. And it’s true, the Peruvian flag-drink will be always present in any single bar crawling tour or restaurant that you visit. But, the “belly of the world” is a cosmopolitan city where the best  cocktails and drinks, of the world, join forces for our amusement.


Let’s start with the favorite one, pisco, a good Pisco Sour or a refreshing Chilcano are some of the best drinks  the Pisco can offer to you. You can have one of those in almost every hotel in the Inca city and enjoy all types of blend, and mixes with local products that bartenders have incorporated in their recipes. The Fallen Angel, a famous bar for their theme parties and artistic roots, has been for many years a good alternative to visit and discover new cocktails.


In the drinking world, the wine lovers will always distinguish theirself for the mysticism and culture created around their favorite drink. Of course, Cusco also has a place for them and offers options like the Ciccionlina restaurant which counts with a vast variety of wines. However, if you’re looking for a more relaxing and non-necessary dinner, you can find in Baco a good alternative to have a good time and enjoy a cup of your favorite strain.


Are you crazy in love with the craft beer and have to taste all the representatives’ brews in every region you are visiting? The imperial city has bars that offer their house branded beer mixes, the most notable example of this is the Cholos Craft Beers Cusco, in this place you will be able to enjoy a huge variety of beers, some from Perú and others for the rest of the world, besides that, you can order an excellent hamburger or another dish to fulfill an excellent experience.

With nothing else for now, we strongly recommend you not to leave this magical city without doing a bar crawl and try all that they can offer you. If you are in Cusco right now or you have some pictures with you, don’t forget to share your experiences with us using this hashtag #IncaRail. See you later!


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