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Biosecurity Protocols: Inca Rail has air purification system in tourist services

Reading : 1 min February 22 2021

Lima, February 2021.- Complying with the highest international standards in Biosecurity, and adding to the other sanitary measures implemented by Inca Rail before the COVID-19 to continue contributing to the reactivation of tourism, the train company Inca Rail has since December 2020 an innovative system of disinfection and air purification in each of its wagons, making them safe spaces and minimizing the likelihood of contagion among all travelers. All this in order to provide passengers with a safer travel experience, prioritizing the best and most modern biosecurity protocols.

We know that safety is the most important thing, for this reason we as Inca Rail have transformed and adapted to the new COVID-19 prevention requirements to make travel a safe and pleasant experience at all times. The Biosecurity protocols certified by SGS are part of our “Surveillance, Prevention and Control Plan for COVID-19” and we comply at all times with what has been approved by the Ministry of Health, says Maritza Montero, Marketing & Sales Director of Inca Rail.

It is worth mentioning that this system guarantees small environments with purified air, free of viruses and bacteria, through its plasma technology (high voltage pulse), photocatalytic filter and ultraviolet radiation (UV-C 254 nm), which will allow us to operate with 100% of the capacity.

It should be noted that it is necessary to show ourselves as a safe, reliable and flexible destination in our reservation policies so that they will consider us when choosing their destinations.



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