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Archaeological remains that you must visit in Cusco

Reading : 2 min November 16 2021

The city of Cusco is wonderful for it’s great buildings made on the ruins of temples and other constructions of the majestic Inca Empire.

One of the main characteristics of Inca architecture was that most of the buildings had thatched roofs and were one floor. The Inca Civilization didn’t know iron, this made their work look different by using simple tools.

The mystery and respect the Incas based their thoughts, in order not to harm Mother Earth, reflect their knowledge at that time.

Ancient, mysterious, enticing and resilient, Cusco is an immensely rewarding place to explore for a few days and is one of Peru’s most incredible highlights.

We made a list with the ruins you will love to visit. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit each one. The architecture of the city of Cusco shows us the Inca legacy in all its splendor.

Machu Picchu 

Machu Picchu is considered one of the most important archaeological and historical sites in the world.  It’s considered one of the 7 wonders of the world and this is the place most popular for tourists.

It is one of the most visited tourist destinations, and one of the most important archaeological sites and harmonious with nature in the whole world. Machu Picchu is a magical place with impressive architecture.


The archaeological site of Sacsayhuaman is located 2 kilometers north of the Main Square of the Cusco and it’s architecture still remains a mystery because of the immense size of the stones, as many of the stones weigh more than 120 tons.

Did you know that the stones of Sacsayhuamán were not cut? They were used only bronze tools and harder stones to shape the stones. The structure is so strong that it has lasted numerous earthquakes and other natural disasters. Definitely a big place to admire.

If you want to visit Sacsayhuaman, check out our Cusco Ruins, Plazas & Landmarks.


Choquequirao is considered the older sister of Machu Picchu for their structural and architectural similarity. You will enjoy this natural attraction as you take a hike that will take you to Machu Picchu.


The archaeological site of Ollantaytambo has religious, astronomical, administrative, urban and farming sectors. One of the places we recommend you to visit is the Ancient Fortress and Inca Temple where you can appreciate magnificent views of the Sacred Valley of the Incas. It is an amazing place to take great photos.

Do you want to know Ollantaytambo? Join our tour of the Sacred Valley: Ollantaytambo and Chinchero.


The archaeological site of Moray is composed of several circles around it that were designed to agricultural activity. Some people say that receives the same name to the dehydrated potato, “Moraya” or “Moray”

Get to know Moray with our Sacred Valley Tour: Maras and Moray 

Cusco has a great diversity of archaeological sites and visiting each of them is a dare for tourists.

Go ahead and live your own experience with Inca Rail!





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