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Aguascalientes: A mandatory destiny before Machu Picchu

Reading : 2 min May 15 2017

You have spent an amazing time on our train, got through a landscape full of beautiful scenes and arrived to a magical town that instantly impress you since the first step out off the train, with an indescribable mysticism. The entrance of one of the wonders of the world is also a wonder by itself that gets more beautiful and historical with the passing of the years. Aguas Calientes will welcome you with arms open, we invite you to pay attention and make some space in your agenda to include this destination in your plans.

Aguascalientes is not only the entrance to Machu Picchu, if we have to make a metaphor, this wonderful town will be the red carpet that invites you to the best movie of your life. Before being blown away by one of the wonders of the world, pay attention around you and enjoy every moment in this amazing place.


These are some of the things that you have to do in Aguas Calientes:

Visit the Mandor’s gardens
One of Machu Picchu’s virtues is the balance between the men work and the nature and how it merges with the landscape to create a complete artwork. But, that’s not the only scenery that will amaze you in this place. A spot not that well known is the Mandor’s garden – We strongly recommend you to have an extra SD card in your camera or a lot of space in your phone to take photos at anytime. The Mandor’s gardens will present you aerial shows provided by the eco-region, a variety of colorful and exotic birds will fly upon your head waiting to be photographed. You can also find a guide there for extra information about what you are seeing.


Thermal baths
Have you ever wonder where did the town’s name came for? Figure it out it’s not difficult at all, you just have to ask for the thermal baths. The town was constructed over hot springs, and thanks to the human engineering they can be used to offer you a calm and healing time. The water composition, that emanates from the ground, can be used as a thermo medical bath. What’s better than living the mysticism of the andes? Of  course, to immerse yourself into it’s


Aguas Calientes’ local market

It’s impossible not see it.  If Aguas Calientes recibes you with open arms, the fingertips are the artisans’ market which is located one step out off the train station. Did you promised some souvenirs? You’re in the right place. Travel across the stands and compare prices between the articles that get your attention. – This market it’s also an incredible place to take pictures– The hallways and colors of the market will fulfill your pictures with details and textures.

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