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A First Class Experience

Reading : 1 min April 28 2017

Machu Picchu is a top of mind destiny for all the adventure lovers. Each stone used to build this city, it’s an invitation to discover a full of mysticism history that stills amaze us. If you are a good traveler, you must already know that the road is as relevant as the final destination, that’s why we invite you to share a First Class experience with us.

machu picchu

Imagine the possibility of arriving to Machu Picchu completely full of energy, after an incredible journey in a first class service full of luxury. It’s time to stop wondering about it and start knowing our first class train and our Obversatory – Lounge.

Why traveling has to be an antonym of comfort? Not with us. Travel with all the comfort and space that you’ll need, on board our first class wagon. Travel aside wonderful landscapes and an exquisite gourmet food, cooked using organic andean ingredients. – If you never tried trout, quinoa or aguaymanto, we strongly suggest to do it with us- You can accompany your meal with a fine selection of wines and an irresistible selection of hot and cold drinks prepared with fresh local fruits and herbs.

¡Alert! – We recommend to have your camera all the time. You don’t want to miss anything.

The First Class ample windows will allow you an amazing view. Let yourself fall in love with the warm tones colors and textures, that decorate the whole road. The mix produced between landscapes and live music will automatically transport your five senses to another dimension. If that’s not enough you’ll be able to enjoy a unique experience in the Observatory – Lounge which is equipped with luxury details, the most comfortable and spacious seats, a bar and a balcony that will allow you to take beautiful and unique pictures. – Get a chance to be in our social media uploading your photos using the #IRPerú hashtag -.

At the end of the journey you’ll be at Machu Picchu completely renewed, satisfy and with a camera filled with amazing memories – remember to save some space for Machu Picchu- The journey to Machu Picchu is not only a railroad, it’s a mystical experience through the Andean landscape that transport you to another sensorial dimension. Now you are ready for the next step, enjoy one of the wonders of the world.


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