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6 tourist destinations you can visit by train

Reading : 3 min December 6 2018

Traveling by train is a totally different experience than any other type of trip. The hours between the starting point and the destination are usually long but the landscapes that accompany it make the journey worthwhile.

From the exotic lands of Thailand to the green landscapes of the Andes, there are hundreds of routes where you can enjoy a unique experience aboard this classic means of transport.

Do you want to accompany us on a train journey through different countries around the world? Keep reading!

Japan’s bullet train


It is impossible to talk about the train without mentioning the famous bullet train from Japan. The Japanese were the first in the world to build a high-speed line to connect two of their main cities: Tokyo and Osaka. At present, the country has eight high-speed lines, which reach up to 300 km/h.

If you plan to travel to Japan and want to visit different cities, without a doubt this is the best option. The experience is unique and the time you spend between point and point is considerably reduced. But you will have to prepare your pocket because the price of a pass for 7 days does not fall below US$ 255.

Eastern & Oriental Express



Southeast Asia is one of the destinations that is in style, but this train is almost exclusive for those looking for luxury tourism. The Eastern & Oriental Express goes to various places in the exotic countries of Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and Laos, while the travelers in it stay in luxurious cabins, enjoy incredible views and taste the gourmet food served here.

The tour can last from 2 to 7 days and the price, not suitable for all public, does not fall below US$ 2,300.

Inca Rail



If visiting the Inca citadel of Machu Picchu is already the dream of any traveler, reaching it by train exceeds all expectations. In a journey of just an hour and a half, you can explore the Andes and discover landscapes you would never have imagined, as well as enjoy dishes, snacks and drinks made with ingredients from the area and enjoy live Andean music from the hand of Peruvian artists.

When traveling by Inca Rail you can choose between four types of trains whose price ranges from US $ 55 one way.

Grand Canyon Railway

We arrived in the arid lands of Arizona to visit the Grand Canyon of Colorado. Since 1901, the Grand Canyon Railway makes the route William Depot – Grand Canyon National Park round trip twice a day (one in times of low demand) on a trip that lasts 2:15 hours.

The price? Much more accessible than in other cases: it depends on the train on which you choose to travel, the cheapest fare is US$ 67 round trip.


Why choose a single destination in Europe if you can travel all over the Old Continent by train? The preferred option for travelers who want to explore European countries by train is the Interrail (especially if they are young since they benefit from a large discount).

What does it consist of? As they define themselves on their website, “is a train ticket that allows you to travel on almost all trains in Europe. With it, you get access to 37 railway and ferry companies in 30 countries”. Sometimes, some of the companies ask for an additional payment for reserving a seat on their trains.

The price varies depending on your travel plan: if you want to explore a single country, the cost goes from US$ 58, if you want to know several nations in 15 days, 22 days or a month, the price ranges from US$ 235 up to US$ 580. But if you are 27 years old or younger, you will receive up to 25% discount on these prices.

Central Andean Railway

Although the train to Machu Picchu is the best known of our country, in Peru, there are other places that can also be reached by train in an exciting journey. One of the most demanded is the Central Andean Railroad, which covers the route between Lima and Huancayo.

This train makes the journey between these two cities only twice a month (round trip), in a trip of 14 hours with two stops (in San Bartolomé and Matucana) and in which it passes through the second more high railway point of the world, at 4782 meters above sea level.

The round trip price is US$ 308 for foreigners and between US$ 138 for a classic car and US$ 182 for a tourist car for Peruvians.



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